Family and Entertaining Pool
Family and entertaining pool
29-33°c 369.00m2 0,30-0,80m
Semi-covered sitting pool
Of the total area of ​​the swimming pool with seats around the edges, only the third is covered, which is connected to the outer part by a tunnel in the wall.
36-38°c 550.00m2 0,96-0,96m
Recreational pool
RECREATIONAL POOL WITH HYDROMASSAGES AND WATERFALLS The covered part of the pool protects the visitors from the sun's rays. Water nozzles and waterfalls massage the skin and the whole body. In case of bad weather the water temperature of the pool may differ from the prescribed. In case of bad weather, attractions are out of service. The pool is in service throughout the year!
30-35°c 483.00m2 1,20-1,20m
Covered pool
This indoor swimming pool is a small family aquapark. With its atypical shape it is suitable for swimming and relaxation as well.
27-31°c 291.40m2 1,20-1,20m
Hot Tub
In the hot tub, the water streams massage the body. It has refreshing, muscle relaxant and circulatory stimulant effect.
30-34°c 19.65m2 0,60-0,60m
Indoor swimming pool
  This pool gives us the year-round opportunity to excersise and to have swimming classes for all ages. Wearing a swimming cap is required! This pool is in service all year round!
25-30°c 212.50m2 1,00-1,80m
Indoor paddling pool for children
A pool for children with slides, colorful toys and gentle water streams
27-31°c 20.00m2 0,40-0,40m
Swimming pool
Our swimming pool offers opportunity for sporting, relaxing and fitness swimming for the visitors of THERMAL CORVINUS. THE POOL IS OUT OF SERVICE! The pool is in service during the summer !  
20-25°c 1176.00m2 1,80-1,80m
Italian pool
THE POOL IS OUT OF SERVICE! If you like adrenaline, and you are not afraid of water, then we recommend you our new water slides: Family slide, Multislide,Vahadlo,Tummel Funnel, which are located next to the Italian pool. This pool is in service during the summer!  
25-28°c 313.00m2 0,80-1,60m
Outdoor pool for children
In this outdoor pool there are several toys and a water slide for children: The Snake. The pool is located next to a playground.
27-31°c 263.00m2 0,30-0,30m

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Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

09:00 - 21:00


Price list

VSTUPNÉ NA ROK 2019 Pondělí - Pátek
3 hod. / celodenní
Svátky / Sezóna
3 hod. / celodenní
Dospělí a mládež nad 15 let 8.50 € / 10.00 € 9.50 € / 11.00 €
Děti od 3 do 15 let, ZTP 6.00 € / 7.00 € 7.00 € / 8.00 €
Dospělí nad 62 let 7.50 € / 8.50 € 8.50 € / 9.50 €
Rodinný balíček (2 + 1) * x / 24.50 € x / 27.00 €
Balíček pro prarodičů (2 + 1) * x / 21.50 € x / 24.00 €
Děti do 3 let Zdarma Zdarma

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